Fiverr Gigs Image Size: Getting It Right

Recommended Image Sizes for Different Fiverr Gig Types

Fiverr Gigs Image 2024

When it comes to sizing your images for Fiverr gigs, bigger isn’t always better. You want images that are:

  • Large enough to show details and capture interest.
  • Small enough to load quickly.

For most gig types, the recommended image sizes are:

Standard gig images:

Go with images that are at least 700 pixels wide. It allows potential buyers to clearly see what your gig offers while still loading fast. For portrait images, aim for at least 1000 pixels tall.

Gallery images:

Keep your gallery images under 2MB in size each. Images around 1000-1500 pixels wide are a good target. This provides high enough resolution to see details but won’t bog down the page.

Video thumbnails:

Make your video thumbnails around 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall. Moreover, the high-definition size will make your thumbnails eye-catching while representing your actual video quality.

Custom offer images:

For images representing different custom offer packages, use sizes similar to your standard gig images, around 700-1000 pixels wide. Keep file sizes under 2MB for fast loading.

By providing properly sized images, you’ll give potential buyers a great first impression of your gig. Large, high quality images that load quickly will make your gig look professional and help you land more orders. Focus on balancing image size and quality for an ideal experience. Your sales and reviews will thank you!

Optimizing and Formatting Your Images for Fiverr

When creating images for your Fiverr gigs, size and quality matter. If your images are poorly sized or low resolution, it reflects poorly on your gig and can turn off potential buyers. Follow these tips to make sure your images are optimized for Fiverr:

Choose the right size. 

Fiverr recommends image sizes of 720×720 pixels or 960×540 pixels for gig thumbnails and gallery images. These dimensions allow your images to display clearly on Fiverr while still being large enough to showcase details. For demonstration images and videos in your gig description, aim for 1280×720 pixels or larger.

Use high resolution. 

Select an image resolution of at least 72 pixels per inch (PPI) for sharp, clear images. Higher resolution images, around 200 to 300 PPI, are even better. Low resolution images will appear blurry and pixelated.

Save as JPG or PNG.

 Save your images in JPG or PNG format. These file types support the large sizes and high resolutions needed for Fiverr. Avoid formats like GIF which have limited color options and lower image quality.

Keep the file size reasonable. 

While high resolution images are best, be careful not to make the file size too large. Images over 5 MB may impact your gig’s page load time and search ranking. For the best quality and reasonable size, aim for 1 to 3 MB per image.

Use natural lighting and avoid clutter. 

When photographing products or recording demonstration videos, use natural lighting for the best results. Shoot against a simple background free of clutter and distraction. Frame the subject clearly and keep the composition balanced for an inviting, professional appearance.

Following these best practices for optimizing and formatting your images will give your Fiverr gig a polished look and help you stand out from the competition. With eye-catching, high-quality images, you’ll attract more interested buyers and increase your sales.


So there you have it, the image sizes you need to know to make your Fiverr gig images pop. By following the recommended dimensions, you’ll present polished and professional images to potential buyers browsing the platform. Remember, first impressions matter. Taking the time to size your images correctly shows you care about quality and will deliver quality work. And quality work is what keeps customers coming back and leaving those coveted 5-star reviews.

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