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2017 was the year that transformed the gaming scene for the mobile platform. The release of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds in the mid of 2017 took the mobile gaming world by storm. The very loved fps/tps PC original PUBG finally got its spotlight for the portable devices, smartphones. In March 2017, Tencent launched the famous PUBG mobile on both the iOS and Android platforms. The game involved 100 online users from all over the world, dropping on a map that shrinks with time and brings the players closer to each other with every approaching safe zone. The weapons are available at the descend from the airplane, landing into houses, you have to equip yourself with defensives as well as offensives too. The game revolves around strategic decision making that allows survival until the end. The person left on the map wins the royale.

The fans of fps shooters immediately relished the game, and the market of smartphone manufacturers began to understand the importance of graphics for the upcoming generations of smartphones. The newer models brought better GPUs on the spec sheets that caught gamers’ interest and helped them perform better in the game given better GPU equipped mobile phones.

This spiced up a new dimension of competition in the smartphone market, gaming devices. The first-ever gaming phone was released by the Gaming Gear manufacturer Razer in 2018. The Razer Phone. The phone was their debut product in the smartphone sector. The latter was the first phone on the mainstream media with a 120Hz display coupled with a 5.7-inch screen, which provided an unparalleled mobile gaming experience. And over the year, PUBG also had updated the requirements, given improvements in the graphics quality of the game was kept on a keen interest. It was a very minimal device physically, but the user experience was something nothing phone ever provided to the community. After the launch of the Razer phone, different mobile phone manufacturers also leaped into the competition. And now, as of the 13th of Oct, there are dozens of gaming smartphones available in the market. But since the products are unique, the charges are higher compared to different non-gaming phones. But do not be fooled by other non-gaming tagged phones; such phones are actually on par and in some cases, even sounder than the gaming phones themselves. 

The main thing to stress is the internals of both the types of phones; both the gaming and standard smartphones are built with the same processors. The only difference belongs to some miscellaneous additions like trigger buttons and heat dissipation systems and nerdy cooling fan stuff. Other than that, internally, both the phones are prepared to utilize the same line ups of processors. Today, the phone we will be talking about is a phone which is not labeled as a gaming phone but will, for sure, provide a gaming experience even better than the gaming phones. 

Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro 

The smartphone industry’s Chinese giant Xiaomi released its first-ever Poco Phone, a.k.a the flagship killer in August of 2018 which was fitted with the then best high-end SoC but at half the price of the flagships. The same line-up has its successor released two years after the release of the predecessor; the Poco F2 Pro is truly a flagship killer released by Xiaomi once again. The phone boasts 

  • a 6.7 inch super AMOLED display
  • 1080 x 2400 resolution with 395 pixels per inch
  • 20:9 aspect ratio
  • the latest of the Snapdragon; Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 SoC chipset coupled with
  • Adreno 650 GPU
  • and memory options of 128GB 6GB RAM or 256GB 8GB RAM.
  • a quad-camera setup with the ability to capture 8K videos @24/30fps and 
  • a 20 MP Motorized pop-up selfie shooter
Other specialties include 
  • HDR10 display support
  • LiquidCool 2.0 cooling Technology 
  • Under-display optical Fingerprint scanner
  • 4700 mAh battery with record-breaking backup

This mobile phone is a beast when it comes to the processing department. And the processor coupled with the latest GPU the company has to offer, this is the best phone for PUBG as it guarantees to work at the highest frame rates on the highest graphics quality option provided by the game.

The phone sits at a humongous 919 score of single-core processing while a 3260 of multi-core processing, defeating the Galaxy S20 Ultra of 799 and 2687 geek bench scores, respectively. The latter also wins over the competitor in means of Antutu Benchmark by  593219 for the Poco F2 Pro, while the S20 only put up a score of 511288. The phones are already ahead of the current gaming smartphones offered by Nubia, Vivo, and Xiaomi’s very own gaming phone, Black Shark 2. 

The phone utilizes the power of both the CPU Soc and the High-end GPU to provide the best gaming experience. Xiaomi has also furnished the phone with a cooling technology, which will allow heat dissipation and avoid any heat up during prolonged gaming sessions. Unlike the Razer and the current competitors, the phone lacks a true high-speed display technology by Xiaomi claims to have incorporated a 180Hz pseudo lightning state, which will provide faster refresh rates on some apps and screens.

The huge 4700 mAH battery was tested to break records by enduring the most time on screen compared to any other phone with the same internals. The phone doesn’t have any official IP rating, though, which means careful handling is compulsory near water or liquids. The cameras are on par with the current mainstreamers, but this review is solely meant to describe the gaming capability of the device, so we won’t be jumping into the camera review atm. Initially, the phone is providing its users with 60 fps on MAX settings on PUBG, and this may also exceed during future updates and patches.

Pro tip 🙂 
With the added sensors of gyroscope and barometer, the players can always opt-in to physically control the recoil of their weapons in the game for better accuracy.  

The Poco F2 Pro is destined to provide you the best PUBG experience only at a price of 385$ only. Grab your POCO F2 NOW, the best phone for PUBG, and ace the PUBG ground, Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

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